[FREE THEMES] SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 (DARK & Default)

[FREE THEMES] SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 (DARK & Default)
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-updated rounded Google search widget looks
-fixed some color inconsistencies for newer version of system apps (if it’s still not themed maybe it’s from a layout.xml edit which cannot be included on a theme)
-some personal touches added that you cannot see on the actual S8 UI

Update 2 Default Light

-updated home icons
-updated power menu icons
-more rounded Google Search widget
-S8 charging animation
-Email app modification removed to fix bugs.
-removed rounded corners, download it @ Play Store
-minor fixes I forgot

noclock = no clock font modification on lockscreen, ideal if you got custom floating.xml
noframe= no icon frames for 3rd party apps on homescreen

INSTALLATION for rooted devices (you should do all this before 5min trial ends) :

-install and apply theme
-go fast to your root file manager and navigate:
-root/data/overlays/preferences folder
-delete all its contents (7 to 8 files) not the actual preferences folder.
-then navigate to:
-from there, CUT and paste the contents (1file) of trialjson folder to inside of userjson folder.
-restart phone and reapply theme.
– Link Download:

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