How to use our Free WordPress themes for adult video tubes?

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  • Step 1:

Open “Posts ยป Add new” in the WordPress admin area. Write the post’s title, paste it’s video embed code (you will have to switch to HTML input first), write a description and add any relevant categories or tags. If you want the video to display it’s length, add a custom field with the word “duration” in the “Name” section and the length of the video in “Value”. To add a thumbnail, click the “Set featured image” link which is generally located in the bottom right corner.


  • Step 2:

To upload a thumbnail, click “Select files” and upload the preview image for your video. After the image has uploaded, you will see a prompt window with it’s properties. Select the “Thumbnail size” option and click “Use as featured image” link. That’s it! Save your changes, go back to the original post and publish it using the blue button in the top right corner.

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