Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers for iPhone

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iPhone mods

With the Galaxy S8 Infinity Screen, the resolution is obviously different than an iPhone. The first collection was modded by iDB regular and artist, @AR72014. These will fit your iPhones very well, given the cropping work done to the images.

For future wallpapers, submissions, requests, or to follow along, catch me via @jim_gresham. I try to share some good wallpapers during the week as well!





































Stock wallpapers, no mods

The following collection of stock Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers was rounded up by I was given guidance on Twitter from several people, providing the ability to triangulate the downloads. Thanks to @jasonzigrino, @qaisarkhan108, @giuseppegianno8, @a_m_i_am.

The first four images are great for desktops. The following images are still good for mobile handsets. Both, will require you to download the image and then crop or resize them when choosing your wallpaper in iOS. I actually prefer having a larger resolution, because it allows me to select the part of the image I want to see and works really well with the parallax effect.

For the below wallpapers, DroidViews is hosting a zip file download. Unfortunately, the file size is extremely large, preventing iDB from hosting it ourselves. Should you want all of these in a single desktop download, find them on the DroidViews Google Drive. If that gets crashed by traffic, try mirror 1 or mirror 2.


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