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Recently, the popular SEO plugin in WordPress has launched a “Big Update” with many new features and improved performance in some old functions. If you have upgraded to Yoast SEO 3.0.1 (former name is WordPress SEO by Yoast ) from today, surely have seen these changes.

So in Yoast SEO version 3 this is new and what does it mean in SEO? Let’s find out.

OnPage.Org integration

A small but useful feature in this new version is that the website will automatically check that the site is indexed on Google, it will check itself every week and report back to the Dashboard.

However, if you have many posts and weak hosts then this feature may not work very well because each time it fetch is quite heavy.

Focus keywords in real time

Yoast’s keyword focus feature when writing previous articles we want to test a certain keyword will need to reload the page by pressing the update button or post the article. However, now it is more convenient to test keywords because they have added real-time testing, just enter your keywords into it automatically check without back page.

Snippet Preview becomes Snippet Editor

In the past we will enter title and description should be optimized and then Snippet Preview will show how simulated it will display on Google. However, from version 3 onward they have left the title and description entry, and instead you edit directly on the Snippet Editor section.

Additional SEO Metamox for Category / Tag / Taxonomy

Now you can optimize keywords for taxonomy areas such as article categories or better article keywords by having Yoast SEO Metamorphic integrated into that area. This feature also works on custom taxonomy . Also you can set up a social network description for taxonomy.


These are new features in Yoast SEO 3.0 that I think are worth to pay attention to. However, often according to experience, Yoast SEO or have some bugs while updating new features so if you are not sure then drill upgrade or if you upgrade to have some errors. Click here to reload the older version and reinstall, the data is not lost.

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